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Ground Penetrating Radar Locates Concrete Reinforcing
GPRS has been to called to scan the slabs in the Pitt Cathedral many times in order to locate conduit and embedded beams and reinforcing.

Identifying Conduits and Obstructions in Coring Areas
GPRS was called to assist in delivering the safest execution of this project by identifying any obstructions in the concrete in 17 locations before coring would take place.

GPRS Locates Reinforcement Using Concrete Sonar
Utah Yamas Controls Inc. needed to core through the slab to bring up their wires for a new security system they were installing for the hospital.

GPRS Locates Reinforcement Steel in Masonry Wall
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Mountain Division in Salt Lake City was contracted to locate reinforcement steel in a Masonry wall at the Brigham Young University in Provo Utah.

Ground Penetrating Radar Locates Underground Pipes and Lines
The experienced professionals at Ground Penetrating Radar Systems are hard at work on a wide variety of job sites all over the country. When officials at the New Jersey Transit noticed a crack on a platform in Newark Penn Station, they quickly called GPRS for help.

Locating Beams on New York High-Rise Building
Whether it is locating lines buried under the frozen ground in Ohio or working in high-rise buildings in Dallas, the professionals at Ground Penetrating Radar Systems are there to do the job quickly and safely. Our experienced team in the New York area has had the opportunity to conduct locating work both under the city and high in the air.

Private Utility locating on Governors Island in New York
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems specializes in locating underground utilities for our clients all over the United States. We say we could to the ends of the earth for our clients and one of our recent jobs in New York was actually on an island.

GPRS offers Underground Tank Detection in New Hampshire
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of New York was contacted to detect underground storage tanks (USTs) at a radio station in Berlin, New Hampshire.  Although the tank was not discovered, Bryan Vickers of GPRS was able to locate the pit where the tank was previously buried.

GPR Scan for Abandoned Utilities - Salt Lake City, UT
Southeast Directional Drilling requested that Ground Penetrating Radar Systems return to their job site and locate all underground utilities in the area that may be active, dead or abandoned after GPRS of Salt Lake City located all the voids in the area.

GPRS Concrete Imaging Technology Locates Conduits in Concrete
Using the latest in concrete imaging technology GPRS was able to locate several conduits in the approximately 12” slab including a bundle of 480 volt lines.

Concrete Sonar Technology Locates Reinforcement in Concrete
Interior Construction Specialist with Layton Construction contracted Ground Penetrating Radar of Salt Lake City to locate any reinforcement in a parking structure slab before they core drilled to install new fire features.

GPRS Investigates Concrete for Post Tensioning Cables – Salt Lake City, Utah
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Salt Lake City to come investigate the concrete prior to core cutting. GPRS was able to give precise depth of the concrete as well as exact locations and depths of post tensioning cables and conduits.

GPRS able to locate rebar and conduits in Boulder, Colorado
When JHL Constructors needed to locate reinforcement during a renovation in Boulder, CO they called in Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Colorado.

Grand Junction Post Tension Slab on Grade Located by GPR
After completion of the Post Tensioned slabs for the tennis courts, benches needed to be installed. In order to anchor the benches to the PT Slab, all tendons needed to be located prior to the drilling.

Conduits Mapped Prior to Drilling in Roswell New Mexico
GPRS of Albuquerque was recently used in Roswell, NM to assist in the location of conduits prior to core drilling. The contractor commissioned Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to scan the concrete in two locations in order to identify any conduits that could interfere with the cutting of the floor.

Underground Storage Tank Locating in Nashville, Tennessee
When an environmental company needed to locate an underground storage tank and buried debris in a void, they called Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Nashville to investigate.

Water Line and Utility Line Mapping in Daytona Beach, Florida
Tomoka therefore decided to call Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, a company they have worked with in the past, to determine the precise location and depth of the water line in question.

Mapping Electrical Conduits in Melbourne, Florida
In order to ensure that nothing was hit/struck during the cutting process Eau Gallie contracted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems out of Orlando, FL.  Ground penetrating radar is used frequently around Florida for the specific purpose of mapping electrical conduits and other utilities prior to saw cutting a concrete slab-on-grade situation.

Rebar Investigation in Aspen, Colorado
Brikor Construction Company hired GPRS of Denver provide information on the location of rebar within two columns in a residential home in Aspen, Colorado.

PT-Slab Locate in Denver, Colorado
The Trappeur’s Crossing Resort in Steamboat was undergoing some renovations that required the location of reinforcement prior to core drilling the concrete. The Holmquist-Lorenz Construction Company called in Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Denver to assist in the location of rebar and post tension cables (tendons).

Post Tension Cable Locating Company in Vail, Colorado
Orange paint marked the location of future core locations and the technician was able to mark the location of the post tension cables that were present around those areas.

Conduit Locating Company in Watertown, SD
Muth Electric was renovating an Alltel building in Watertown, SD and need to have the precise location of any conduits running in or under the slab on grade so job could proceed more efficiently.

Radar pinpoints Long-Unmarked Resting Places in Watkinsville Cemetery
Jeff DeHart sprayed paint on the grassy field, making rough rectangles where he believes the bones of some long-ago Watkinsville residents are buried without the benefit of a headstone.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems helps find hidden graves at Eudora Baptist Church Cemetery in Mississippi
Dave Schaff methodically worked his way up and down and from side to side across the freshly mown field, looking for buried traces of lives lost in time.

GPRS Locates Rebar on Top of Grain Silo’s
John Kessinger from the Toledo, Ohio office was recently contacted by an ethanol plant in Northeast Indiana to locate reinforcing steel on top of 2 grain silo’s.

Locating Underground Storage Tank in Ocala, Florida
IVI Environmental had a project in Ocala, FL where it records indicated the possible presence of an abandoned underground storage tank (UST).

Locating Electrical Conduits in Concrete in Downtown Orlando, Florida
In order to install the floor boxes they needed to drill two holes through the elevated concrete slab.  They wanted to be sure they didn’t hit any electrical conduit in the concrete and therefore they contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems.

Non-Destructive Scan in Tampa, Florida
Skanska was in the process of building a new facility at the University of Florida and decided that they would like to confirm the presence of the rebar stirrups at the tops of a number of bullnose columns that had been constructed on the top floor of the building.

Private Utility Locating at Private Residence in Zephyrhills, FL
Uretek will frequently call GPRS to perform private utility locating for jobs both in and around homes and businesses.

Locating Rebar at Bridge Project in Hamburg, PA
GPRS scanned over 50 locations along the walk, each with 4 small coring locations. GPRS successfully located all rebar within these areas, allowing it to be avoided when coring.

Post Tension Cables found in Westminster, Colorado
Gilmore Construction of Denver needed to saw cut a slab on grade concrete floor without damaging any post tension cables. GPRS of Denver was able to mobilize to the site and map the location of the tendons.

PT Locate Prior to Drilling in Cherry Creek, Denver
The Gordon Sign Company needed to install a sign for an office building in the Cherry Creek area and were concerned about striking any electrical conduits that may be in the concrete slab. They contacted GPRS to scan the area for any conduits.

Littleton, Colorado Concrete Scan Slab on Grade
The Denver office of GPRS was hired to locate any underground utilities in the Littleton, Colorado Firestone Automotive Center. There was an area that was scheduled to by saw cut and needed to have any impediments below the slab identified prior to concrete saw cutting.

Underground Utility Locate in Casper Wyoming Area
The Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Denver technician was also able to locate a pipe that was not marked out by any prior private utility locating company.

Underground Storage Tank (USTs) Locating at Car Dealership in Tampa, FL
The process of their evaluation required that they take soil borings from multiple locations throughout the premises, which meant that they would need to verify that they would not be drilling through any existing utilities. 

Prevent Cutting Conduits and Utility Lines in Gainesville, Florida with GPRS
They knew that there was potential for conduits and other utilities to be running both through and under the floor and were concerned about both cost of repair and safety if one of these utilities were to be cut.

Locate Unknown Pipelines or Underground Utilities in Texas
In October of 2010 Blattner Energy needed to locate any unknown pipelines or underground utilities for the Elk City II Wind Project.   They contacted Scott Clay of GPRS’ Dallas regional office to ask about identifying any existing utilities or unknown pipelines, through the use of Ground Penetrating Radar technology. 

GPRS Quickly and Safely Locates Post-Tensioning Cables
When The University of Mississippi Medical Center was renovating there library they needed to locate Post-Tension Cables in order to anchor in new library shelving. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was able to accurately locate all the Post-Tensioning in the area the drilling was going to take place.

Accurately Locate Post-Tension Cables
When a contractor needed to locate Post-Tension Cables in a remodeled office building near Nashville, TN they called Ground Penetrating Radar Systems. GPRS was able to quickly and accurately locate Post-Tension cables and provide them with areas that were safe for drilling.

Locating Depth of Rebar in Mississippi
They wanted to minimize the amount of rebar being cut in the concrete so they called Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to scan the area and provide them with the location and depth of the rebar.

Core Drilling at the Nashville International Airport
When CEC Electric needed to do core drilling at the Nashville International Airport they called Ground Penetrating Radar Systems.

Potential Void Locating in Little Rock, AR
When The Capital Hotel in Little Rock, AR was noticing cracking in the lobby they were worried about potential voids under the foundation.

Core Drilling in a Post-Tensioned Slab
GPRS was able to accurately locate all the Conduits, Rebar, and Post-Tensioning and provide them with area where they could safely drill. Ground Penetrating Radar is a very safe and quick method to locate reinforcement in large areas where cutting or coring is necessary.

Locating Reinforcement in Concrete Walls in Arkansas
When a demolition company needed to cut out doorways in a warehouse wall they called Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to locate the vertical reinforcement so they could avoid cutting on the rebar.

Black Eagle Dam Training– Great Falls, Montana
GPRS technicians have to successfully complete a five month training regimen before they are allowed to perform ground sonar services in the field. They first have to shadow the senior technician for 4 months, and complete ten hours of OSHA training followed by a week of certification at the headquarters of the manufacturer of the GPR equipment.

Call GPRS Before Drilling or Cutting Through Any Concrete Slabs
Before drilling or cutting through any concrete slabs, the Kirtland Water Pumping Station uses GPRS to locate conduits in the slabs.  Ground penetrating radar can efficiently and accurately locate conduits inside of concrete. 

Pinpoint PT cables in Concrete Before You Drill
We can locate PT cables and their depths with pinpoint accuracy and paint their locations onto the concrete in real time.

GPRS Locate Private Utilities and Pipes
Free services such as “Call Before You Dig” will not locate private utilities and pipes.  GPRS uses two methods, Ground Penetrating Radar and Radio Detection to locate all types of pipes.

Locating Reinforcing Steel in Miami, FL
When General Caulking and Coatings Company, Inc of Miami, FL was working at The Wachovia Financial Center in Miami, FL they needed to be sure that they wouldn’t hit any reinforcing steel when replacing a section of the buildings fascia near the 14th floor. 

GPRS Non Destructive Utilities Test in Key West, FL
When Arrowhead Contracting of Lenexa, KS was working at Naval Air Station in Key West, FL they needed to be sure that they would not run into any underground utilities prior to construction. 

Qwest Main Exchange Concrete Scan in Los Alamos, New Mexico
First Mesa Construction of Albuquerque, NM recently called GPRS of ABQ to assist in a concrete imaging scan in Los Alamos, NM. A new run of communications lines needed to go through an existing slab without interfering with any utilities in the floor.

GPRS performs Rebar Locate in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Denver was called to perform a reinforcement locate within a CMU wall in Steamboat Springs, CO. The property had been victim of a fire and structural engineers were desiring to know the spacing of vertical rebar within the concrete block wall.

Post Tension Tendons Located Prior to Core Drilling – Fort Collins, CO
The Facilities Management Department at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Colorado to locate PT cables for a renovation of and auditorium on Campus.

Denver, Colorado Health Project Conduits Located in Concrete Slab
Sun Construction & Facility Services of Longmont, Colorado recently contacted GPRS of Denver, Colorado to assist in locating conduits prior to saw cutting a trench. New electrical conduits needed to be run through several hallways and there was concern over what might lie underneath the concrete slab.

Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse Downtown Denver, Colorado
General Contractor Hensel Phelps of Greeley, Colorado poured the pads for the art to sit on and required all rebar to be located prior to anchoring the art in order to maintain the structure/strength of the concrete pads. When there is a need to locate rebar in Denver, GPRS is “The New Way to X-ray” concrete.

GPRS Locates Conduits in Springville, Utah
The Salt Lake City office of Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was recently contacted to locate conduits in Springville, UT. Flowserve needed to cut out portions of concrete to install footers for new machinery, and knew that GPR (concrete sonar) would be the best and safest way to avoid the conduits they were looking for.

Concrete Scan performed in Aspen, Colorado Using GPR
The services we provide include locating Post Tension Cables within concrete. The process is non-destructive in nature and does not emit any radiation.

The Allegiance Development Inc. – GPRS Project in Dunedin, FL.
Allegiance Development was contacted by the Sailwinds Multi-Condo building with an interesting situation.  The fire main that fed the large building had recently broken and created a large hole near the corner of two of the buildings.

Wigington Fire Systems Inc. GPRS Project in Daytona Beach, FL. 
Wigington Fire Systems was involved in a small building project for the Daytona Beach Journal news paper.  Wigington was responsible for supplying the new building structure with an updated fire system and this required that they tap into the main water line feeding the building. 

Rebar and Post Tension Cables at Sheraton Albuquerque Airport Hotel in
Albuquerque, New Mexico

GPRS Albuquerque assisted 4H Plumbing & Heating on a project in Albuquerque to locate reinforcement (rebar and post tension cables in concrete) at the Sheraton Albuquerque Airport Hotel.

Ground Penetrating Radar used at Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, New Mexico
The Kirtland AFB Clinic in the ABQ area was undergoing renovations that required coring of the concrete slab in several locations.

Radar Scan Performed RTD Light Rail Facility in Englewood, Colorado
GPRS of Denver was contacted by The White Construction Group to perform a concrete scanning in Englewood, Colorado by using GPR technology.

Locate Re-bar and Post-tension Cables at Marriott Hotel in Park City, Utah
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Utah was recently asked to locate all re-bar and post-tension cables in an eight inch thick slab at the Marriot Hotel in Park City, UT.

Locating a Sanitary Line in Arlington, Virginia
While excavating for a new sanitary line in Arlington, Va. They came across a concrete beam over 30 feet beneath the surface. GPRS, LLC. was contacted to check the concrete.

GPRS Maps Location of Reinforcement in Pueblo, Colorado
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Denver recently completed a project at the Colorado State University – Pueblo.

Locating Conduits in Fort Collins, Colorado
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Colorado located conduits for an entry door upgrade at the Federal Building in Downtown Ft. Collins, CO.

PT Cable Locating Company in Salt Lake City, Utah
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Salt Lake City was recently contracted to clear concrete cores on sixteen floors and two landing pads on the roof of the Senior Housing Center.

GPRS Detects Underground Utilities in Big Piney, Wyoming
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was recently in Wyoming to scan four miles of trench for utility lines.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Locates Conduits and Underground Utilities
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Salt Lake City was contracted to locate conduits and underground utilities in four 2’x2’ areas in the car bays of Firestone. Reams Enterprises Inc. 

Underground Private Utility Locating Near Tallahassee, Florida
The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory had a project at Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL, where they were going to be digging a pit in an interior, concrete, slab-on-grade floor to install a magnet. 

GPRS Locating Buried Utilities at ESPN Wide World of Sports near Orlando, Florida
The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company had a project at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports at Disney World in Orlando, FL, where they were going to be digging to install a concrete pad for a new back-up generator and determined that they needed to scan the area with ground penetrating radar. 

Concrete Scan at History Colorado Center - Denver
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Colorado, Denver office, was called to the History Colorado Project in downtown Denver.

Concrete Scan of Tank Lid in Roxborough, Colorado
GPRS Denver office completed a project in Roxborough, CO to map the location of Post Tensioning.

Locating Reinforcing in Concrete Slap in Avon, Colorado
Pine Valley Electric of Parker, Colorado recently contacted GPRS to perform scans in Avon, Colorado at the Westin Resort.

Marking Post Tension Cables Prior to Saw Cutting
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems has spent several days on the rooftops of Washington DC buildings marking out post tension cables prior to mounting bolts and saw cutting new ventilation ducts in the roof.

GPRS Locates Drainage Pipes and Underground Storage Tanks in Maryland
They contacted GPRS, Inc to scan the areas of concern on their Towpath Project in Maryland.

Scanning for Rebar Prior to New Walls
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. Regional Director Jamey Harmon scanning for rebar prior to new walls being placed at a water treatment plant in Maryland.

Locate Conduits Prior to Core Drilling
Fiorilli Construction uses Ground Penetrating Radar Systems whenever they will be core drilling into a slab that may contain conduit.

GPRS Locates Underground Utilities Prior to Excavation
Dominion Transmission has used GPRS repeatedly to locate underground utilities for their projects.  Prior to digging or excavation, Ground penetrating radar can be used to locate any type of underground piping.

Ground Penetrating Radar Locates Conduits, Obstructions or Utilities in Concrete in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
For the past month, GPRS has been working with Reams, Enterprises across the country at various Tires Plus & Firestone locations before hydraulic car lifts are to be revamped and replaced.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Salt Lake locates Rebar in CMU Wall
CK Construction of Ogden recently contacted GPRS of Salt Lake to perform a GPR scan of a CMU wall in Salt Lake City, Utah. There was concern over what reinforcement was in a CMU wall at a building that had recently been through a fire.

GPR Used for Outdoor Private Utility Locating in Provo, Utah
E-Corp recently used Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to assist on a project at the Provo Airport. A new tower was being installed to help the FAA with tracking planes and a trench needed to be run to power the tower as well as data lines.

Concrete Scan to Locate Rebar / Conduits at Denver International Airport FAA
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Colorado recently completed a concrete imaging locate in Denver, Colorado.

GPRS Project Locating Underground Water Line at the Westminster Complex in St. Petersburg, Florida
WW Gay Fire Protection services had a project at the Westminster Retirement Center in St. Petersburg, FL which involved them digging to install a new fire protection system off of the main water supply to the building. They attempted a few different methods of locating the water line, however, they were unsuccessful. 

GPRS Locates Post Tension Cables in New Port Richey, FL. near Tampa, FL
The Douglas Company was in the midst of a complete apartment building renovation with plans to saw cut the concrete to install all new plumbing lines for the kitchen area.

The Lodge at Vail, Colorado Concrete Scan
When there was concern over hitting post tension cables in Vail, Colorado, S.R.E. Builders contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Colorado to do the locate.

Concrete Scan at Qwest Facility in Helena, Montana
GPRS has recently mobilized to several Qwest Exchange Stations across the Mountain Region to scan concrete prior to cutting/coring to run new data lines.

Locating PT cables in Downtown Denver, Colorado
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Denver recently was called to assist in locating the exact path of Post Tension Cables in a concrete wall.

Concrete Scan and Rebar Locating at The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas
Datum Engineers of Austin, TX, contacted Chad Fischer of Ground Penetrating Radar Systems in San Antonio, TX to identify the thickness of the roof at The Alamo.

Concrete scan in Omaha, Nebraska Eppley Airfield Airport
All across the United States, airports are installed new body scanners in the security checkpoints. K D Electric of Omaha, NE was installing 2 units at Eppley Airfield in Omaha and needed to drill 20+ locations to supply the units with power.

Concrete Scanning in Ivinson Medical Hospital – Laramie, Wyoming
The GPR concrete scan was to locate any possible conduits, or post tensioning that ran through the floor.

GPR Slab on Grade at the Colorado Tower - Denver, CO
GPRS of Colorado was contacted by JE Dunn Construction of Denver to perform concrete imaging on the ground floor of the Colorado Tower to locate any conduits.

Florida Industrial Electric GPRS Project at the Orlando International Airport
GPRS consistently provides information on what reinforcing steel and electrical conduits may be in the concrete to ensure that FIE protects the structural integrity of the airport and avoids costly shut-downs that can occur from hitting a conduit. 

GPRS Project at the new Crosstown Apartment complex near Tampa, FL
The city of Tampa was not on site to perform the typical foundation inspection before the concrete was poured and asked Crescent Resources to have the concrete “x-rayed” to prove the rebar content and spacing.  Crescent Resources contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to see if they might be able help them with this difficult application.

SWS First Response – GPRS Project at a Progress Energy Substation near Orlando, FL
SWS contacted GPRS to scan their areas with ground penetrating radar and to determine the location of all of the utilities in the area.

Conduit Locating at the University of Florida Campus
This is a conduit mapping project with slab-on-grade concrete.  The general contractor planned to cut out a section of concrete outlined in orange paint to run new plumbing lines in an older dormitory on the University of Florida campus.  They contracted GPRS to come in and locate all conduits (live and dead conduits) prior to the saw cutting. 

GPRS Performs Concrete Scan in Geneva, Nebraska
The Fillmore County Hospital in Geneva, Nebraska called on Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. to locate and map PT-Cables prior to coring concrete for the installation of a new CT scanner.

Rebar Mapped at Colorado University Campus at Boulder
The GC was only allowed to hit one rebar per core. Ground Penetrating Radar was used to image the concrete by scanning in all coring areas and mapping the location of the rebar. 

UST Locating in Memphis Tennessee
Ground Penetrating Radar is often used to locate underground storage tanks.

Locating Conduits, Rebar, and Post-Tension Cable in Tennessee
Ground Penetrating Radar is very effective for the location of conduits, rebar, and post-tensioning in concrete.

Post Tension Location Job
A contractor working at The University of Mississippi needed to install hand railing in a post-tension concrete slab.

Electrical Conduit Found in Brighton, Colorado Using GPR
GPRS, LLC. of Denver, Colorado recently mobilized to the Quest Exchange in Brighton, Colorado to examine a concrete slab.

Conduits Located in Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. of Albuquerque, New Mexico was recently contacted to perform a conduit locate in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

Locate Underground Utilities at LAX Airport, LA California
In May of 2010, ARB Inc. of Los Angeles, CA, needed to locate underground utilities at LAX Airport prior to excavation around several terminal gates.

Finding Rebar in Concrete at National Children’s Medical Center in Washington, DC
GPRS in Arlington, Virginia worked at the National Children’s Medical Center in Washington, DC.

Locating Post Tension Cables in Gaithersburg, Maryland
In April 2010, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. scanned several locations at the Medimmune Labs in Gaithersburg, MD.

GPRS Detects Conduits and Rebar Flint, MI
Are you confident when drilling on a structural slab that no conduits are embedded? What would happen if your company hit a critical conduit or pipe on a job site, let alone for your best customer? GPRS helps eliminate the worry when performing demo work on a structural slab.

GPRS Finds Electrical Conduits Ann Arbor, MI
Have you ever thought to yourself “That was the best money I ever spent”. Well at Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan that just might be the case.

Radar scanning at the new Fed Ex Kinko’s Ann Arbor, Michigan
Downtown Ann Arbor Michigan has several new projects going on and one of them is a new Fed Ex Kinko’s. Although the building isn’t new, Fed Ex is renovating the space to match all of the latest and greatest features of a Fed Ex Kinko’s.

Radar Locates Post-Tension Cables Detroit, Michigan
A parking structure in downtown Detroit Michigan has been experiencing water backup on their concrete slab after each rainfall. Management decided that new floor drains needed to be placed at several locations where the standing water was at its worst.

Jacobs Engineering – (Locate Underground Utilities) - Killeen, Texas
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. was hired by Jacobs Engineering to locate the underground utilities prior to setting there piers and footers for the expansion project at the Killeen Airport located in Killeen, TX. 

Milestone Metals, Inc. (Locate Post-Tension and Rebar) - Austin, Texas
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. was hired by Milestone Metals, Inc to locate the post-tension cables and rebar prior to core drilling on the multi-level parking garage of The Austonian located in downtown Austin, TX.

Chase Tower (Locate Post Tension Cables) - Dallas, Texas
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. was contacted by Agave Environmental to perform Ground Penetrating Radar scans to locate the post-tension cables prior to core drilling for the installation of floor drains in Dallas, Texas.

IES Commercial (Locate Underground Utilities) – Irving, Texas
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. was contacted by IES Commercial to perform Ground Penetrating Radar scans to locate unknown underground utilities prior to excavating inside of the Owens Corning facility in Arlington, Texas. 

Hurst Electric (Locating Post Tension Cables) - Richardson, Texas
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. was contacted by Hurst Electric about locating post-tension cables, rebar and electrical conduit prior to core drilling inside of the Samsung USA building in Richardson, TX.

Locating Post-tension Cables at the Baylor Cancer Center in Downtown Dallas, Texas
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. was hired by BRANDT Engineering to locate rebar and post-tension cables prior to core drilling on multiple structural concrete slabs at the Baylor Cancer Center.

GPRS Conducts Rebar Investigation near Farmington, New Mexico
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Albuquerque, NM was recently contacted to perform a rebar investigation on a concrete mobile home foundation.

Concrete Imaging Performed in Sandy, Utah
GPRS Salt Lake City performed a concrete scan for Sisam Electric in Sandy, Utah.

H.W. Houston Construction uses GPRS in Pueblo Colorado
Colorado State University Pueblo is undergoing a large renovation to the new Academic Resource Center and Library.

Colorado Office of GPRS Locates for Fort Carson
GPRS recently assisted on a project in Colorado Springs at the AAFES facility at Fort Carson. Carothers Construction contacted GPRS of Colorado to perform a utility scan on the area prior to excavation.

Ground Penetrating Radar Used In Boulder, Colorado
GPRS of Denver, Colorado was contacted by The University of Colorado at Boulder to assist on a project at the Fiske Planetarium.

GH Phipps uses GPRS in Loveland, Colorado
GH Phipps construction contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. of Denver to assist on the Budweiser Events Center Project in Loveland, Colorado.

Concrete Imaging (GPR) Locates Rebar, PT and Conduits in Denver, Colorado
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Denver recently completed a project for Fransen Pittman Construction in Downtown Denver.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. Locates Conduits and Pipes in Concrete - Memphis, Tennessee
The Peabody Hotel in Memphis had exhausted all options when looking for a leaking pipe in a concrete slab.

GPRS Locates Embedded Conduits and Drain Pipes at UNC Chapel Hill Women's & Children's Hospital - North Carolina
Locating underground utilities and embedded conduit is an important first step in any renovation project. However in an active hospital environment this is even more important because one wrong move can result in costly emergency measures.

To Whom it May Concern,

Let me take this opportunity to provide a exemplary recommendation for Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. and the professional service they have delivered. Turner was the General Contractor for the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver Colorado.  We utilized GPRS to ensure safe drilling areas in over 150 locations at the Pepsi Center through very congested floor slabs.  The project schedule was extremely tight and the accuracy of the information provided was remarkably very sound.  GPRS was instrumental in assisting in a very successful project for the entire design/build team. Turner has since and certainly will continue to use Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. prior to cutting into existing slabs and walls.


Mike Keith
Project Manager
Turner Construction Company

Ground Penetrating Radar Locating Underground Storage Tanks - Memphis, Tennessee
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems has many different GPR applications to offer. One application that is commonly requested is the location of Underground Storage Tanks. An environmental company needed to do a Geoprobe at a once existing gas station near Memphis, TN.

Federal Aviation Administration - Nashville, Tennessee
When the Federal Aviation Administration needed to do a site assessment at their Communications Tower site near Nashville, they called Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC.

AECOM Environmental – Clearwater, Florida
AECOM was performing a environmental investigation, and they hired GPRS to scan their project area for utility lines.

Baptist Hospital - Nashville Tennessee
Baptist Hospital, in Nashville, was undergoing a renovation and they needed to drill thirty cores in order to install new piping.

Federal Aviation Administration - Memphis, Tennessee
When the Federal Aviation Administration needed to do a site assessment at their Communications Tower site in Memphis, they called Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. At this site, they needed all Underground Radio Frequency Cables, Ground Wires, Gas Lines, Telecommunications Lines, and Power Lines located.

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