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Concrete Analysis Prior To Renovations - Orlando, FL

In the field of construction there are many types of methods used. Especially regarding how people construct big buildings. People will use any number of types of concrete slabs. There are post tension slabs (PT), pan decking, beam and joist, cast in place and hollow core. There are other methods to be sure, but needless to say in can be tricky when you have to renovate and change things around in a building that you had not part of during the initial construction.

  Concrete Analysis Prior To Renovations - Orlando, FL

Above is picture that depicts Nate Schmoe, of GPRS, LLC. scanning the area with the palm antenna and the SIR-3000.

A construction team in Orlando was doing some renovations to an older building. The building had several different slabs in the building primarily because different parts of the building were constructed at different times. The team was leery about drilling holes in the slab due to this plus most wise contractors and subcontractors know that it is just plain smart to scan an areas before you put holes into an unfamiliar slab. The construction team had close to 45 holes they needed to drill plus a few other areas where they need to set anchors. Right away the project manager called GPRS, knowing this is their area of expertise.

GPRS sent out a GPR professional to scan and mark out all of the areas. The different areas turned out to include pan decking, beam and joist and PT slab areas. Each area was approached a little bit differently, but all of the areas were able to be marked out to show where all of the reinforcing steel (rebar), post tension cables, and conduits were in the slab. After marking out the areas the GPRS professional relayed the information to the site staff to ensure there was nothing miscommunicated. Pictures were taken to make sure things were documented and in case the markings were rubbed off due to foot traffic. The renovation team was able to drill in all of the areas without incident.

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