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Concrete Scanning at Hospital Prior to Trenching - Tampa, FL

The image below shows the location of the proposed saw-cut area (red snapped line with clear coat) and the location of the electrical bank underneath with the depths indicated (red spray marking paint). As you can see on the far end, the concrete was 4-5 inches thick and the electrical bank was 5-8 inches in depth from the surface. Once the cut was redesigned, the client verified GPRS’ findings on site and was able to work around the electrical bank to get the floor boxes where they were needed. Concrete Scanning at Hospital Prior to Trenching - Tampa, FL

Our Tampa/St. Petersburg office scanned the ground level of a hospital prior to trenching, and the installation of electrical lines. The project plans called for trenching in new electrical lines for floor boxes. Prior to saw-cutting the bottom floor trenches, someone suggested to have GPRS scan for anything in the cut area. The contractor decided to call GPRS to scan the area as a precaution. Following the investigation, a large electrical bank was found, which was directly under the saw-cut area and immediately beneath the concrete in some areas. The potential for cutting through this area without scanning could have been disastrous, not only risking injury to the saw-cut team, but also this could have caused a power outage at the facility. accurately and safely marked the location of the electrical bank, using multiple pieces of equipment. The original location was made with the RD-700, an EMI locating system and the accurate check and depths were found with the 1600 MHz ground penetrating radar antenna.

If you would like similar work done in a facility, hospital or other building where there are concerns as to what lies below the surface, view our contact us page at

Concrete Scanning Prior to Plumbing Project - Tampa, FL

Concrete Scanning Prior to Plumbing Project - Tampa, FL

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of West Florida (based in Tampa) was called to a site recently for a renovation project in the downtown area. During renovations, certain units needed the plumbing lines moved in order to redesign the bathrooms to be ADA compliant. There was a significant amount of post tension in the concrete as well as conduit, beams and rebar reinforcement. The client wanted to avoid all items in the slab in order to core drill safely to relocate the plumbing lines. Our technicians on site were able to locate PT, Rebar and a conduit in the area below, pulled as an example of GPRS markings. There is a clearly marked “Scan Area” at each corner. The edge and direction of each line found is clearly marked and the depths of the lines where it is pertinent were also marked. The red “X” in the lower right corner is where the new drill location was supposed to go. Following GPRS findings the client wanted additional options, so the technician scanned a larger area along the wall. Once the architect determined the toilet could not be moved along that wall, depths were provided near the original location. The contractor was able to chip out enough concrete to fit the new plumbing line underneath the toilet, then off-set the line through the existing penetration that was used prior to ADA requirements.

GPRS was able to adjust to multiple requests and concerns by the client on site to find a solution for the contractor. We see as our mission here at GPRS to create Subsurface Scanning Solutions for our client. Our technicians strive to be as consultative as possible while on site and provide value not just in being able to scan, but to find a solution for our clients. If you would like a similar service performed, please visit the contact us page at

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