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Concrete Scanning at Sports Stadium - Central, FloridaConcrete Scanning at Sports Stadium - Central, Florida

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was called out to a job site in Central Florida where a sports stadium was being erected. Our customer needed to anchor several large plates into the face of several concrete columns, and other surfaces so that they could attach stairs around the perimeter of the new structure. Although the concrete at the job site was new, the rebar layout was unknown to the contractor that installing the stairs, and the engineer made it clear that rebar could be cut on the surfaces in question. It is not at all uncommon for GPRS to be called out to jobs where newly laid rebar/tension cable/conduit needs to be located due to insufficient or incomplete “as is” diagrams, or more commonly, a change of plans where a contractor needs to core in a previously unexpected location.

For this project, our job was to determine the rebar cage pattern, and locate any other reinforcing steel that was under the concrete so that they would not be hit during the anchoring process. Using a scissor lift to reach many of the overhead locations (some of which were 30 feet or more off the ground), our technician used a 1600MHz antenna, and occasionally a 2000MHz antennae to scan tighter areas where the larger antenna would not fit. As the scan was conducted, the rebar pattern was drawn on the surface of the concrete. As we scanned each area, the customer was able to follow behind us and align the stair template appropriately. Once the scan was finished, the contractor was able to complete their project without hitting any rebar, and they were so pleased with our work, they decided to hire us for the next phase of their project.

Regardless if our customers are looking to trace an underground petroleum pipeline across multiple cities, locate rebar within a slab 40 feet up in the air, or scan a slab-on-grade, our customers know that GPRS has the expertise and equipment to get the job done. Both the variety and number of jobs we perform across the country allows us to expand our knowledge base and know-how to better serve our customers, and refine our subsurface location methods.

For your next project in Central Florida, contact Project Manager, Adam Yunker by phone at 727-420-3292 or e-mail him at

Ground Penetrarting Radar Used to Scan Pool at Private Residence - Central Florida

Ground Penetrating Radar Used to Scan Pool at Private Residence - Central Florida

We at GPRS were recently called out to a private residence in Central Florida. The homeowner was having issues with ground settling on the property. This was causing part of the concrete pool deck to drop due to uneven ground. The pool was also leaking as a result. Our customer was hired by the home owner to address the slab movement and bring it back up to level. To do this, our client would need to bore small holes in various spots around the effected area, then perform injections that would raise the slab and arrest its’ fall.

However, prior to boring through the slab, an accurate layout of the pool deck’s utilities, namely the pump/jet lines, would need to be located in order to avoid breaking the lines while drilling. That’s where GPRS comes in. This customer, as they have many times before in similar situations, gave us a call. Using a 1600Mhz radar antenna with a SIR-4000, the entire deck was scanned in a grid pattern that would aid in finding the known utilities as well as any unexpected lines that might be present. This particular antenna can often provide clear data down through a couple of feet of concrete. In the hands of our technician, it was able to create a reliable map the pump system. In addition, conduit was found. Using tape, we were able to mark out all of the lines on the deck. With this visual aid, our customer was able to plot out the needed bore points for the injections.

Whether it’s for a single 3’’ core through an elevated slab, or for a 5 acre utility locate, we at Ground Penetrating Radar Systems take pride in providing the most accurate subsurface information available for our customers. In this particular instance, our customer was able to use the data we provided to avoid the potential headache of repairing a busted water line. On other jobs, the information we give will keep a vital tension cable from being cut, or a dangerous buried conduit from being hit. Regardless of the situation, GPRS can minimize the risks involved when dealing with subsurface hazards.

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