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GPR Concrete Scanning for Rebar in Dallas, Texas

This GPR scan took place inside a concrete vault at a processing facility in Dallas, TX. The reason for the scan was because the customer needed shave off one (inch) of concrete on either side of the vault in order to install air handling equipment inside the opening. The gasses present at this facility will cause unprotected steel to rust and they did not want to expose any of the structural rebar and subject it to the harmful gasses when saw cutting the concrete walls.

David Hagenmayer with Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC., was contracted to scan the walls and identify the location and depth of the rebar. David was able to indicate the rebar was at least 2 inches from the surface and the client could then safely saw cut 1 inch off of each wall without exposing the rebar.

GPRS, LLC. of Dallas is the most trusted concrete scanning company because of its highly trained and dedicated technicians. We are the best at what we do, because it’s all we do. Ground Penetrating Radar is cost effective, non-hazardous, and provides data in real time. For GPRS services in North Texas, please call (972) 922-0223 or email

GPR Concrete Scanning for Rebar in Dallas, Texas

Rebar detected with ground penetrating radar.

Concrete Scanning Project - Pan Deck and Conduit Marking Concrete Scanning Project - Pan Deck and Conduit Marking
– Dallas, TX

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was contacted by a general contractor to locate the high locations of the pan decking and conduit running through a commercial slab of concrete. The general contractor was concerned of the safety issues with his contractors hitting an electric line while core drilling. GPRS was able to come on site within 24hrs of the requested job and safely locate all of the conduit and high locations of the pan decking running inside the slab of concrete. Locating the high and low spots of pan deck, or commonly known as metal deck, is an extra safety measure necessary to take. Though not always, conduit is usually laid in the low/valleys of the pan deck and it is then safer to drill in the higher parts of the metal decking. Sonar is able to locate both highs and lows while also marking out any conduits inside the slab. The beams in this specific slab actually penetrated through the metal decking and into the concrete. In this case, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was able to locate beams underneath and inside the slab as well. Making the drilling aspect that much safer and efficient.

Dallas, TX Concrete Scanning Project

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems used a GSSI 1600 MHz antenna for this application to locate the high locations and conduits. All findings were marked directly on the concrete at customers request for easy interpretation. GPRS can use multiple markings such as spray paint, markers, crayon, chalk, tape and many more applications ideal for marking in any situation. GPR was ideal for this application due to the active work site in the surrounding areas. GPR emits no radiation and is safe for others to work in the area near the scan location.

For a similar scan on your job site please contact Adam Kubicki at 972.922.0223 at GPR has been used to locate utilities in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Addison, and Carrolton, Texas. GPR can also be used to locate your residential gas line, water line, sewer line, and other important utilities that can cause safety issues as well as financial.

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