Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC.

Ground Radar Scan Prior to Saw Cutting - Hastings-on-Hudson, NYGround Radar Scan Prior to Saw Cutting
- Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

Before saw cutting for an electrical trench in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York a contractor wanted to identify all utilities for the existing area. They called Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of New York City/Long Island to investigate, using 400MHz radar technology. The investigation produced valuable information to the client of what and how much utilities to expect upon saw cutting. The on-site scanning and marking process was completed within a few short hours and the contractor was able to begin the project in a timely fashion and with valuable information of what to expect. This was all done in a safe, time efficient, non-destructive way. The radar emits radiation less than 1% of that found to be emitted by standard cell phones. This means practically no hazardous radiation to operators or persons above or below the work zone. Lastly, it is vital to identify any unknown utilities prior to excavation and drilling. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems is called when it is crucial to not hit any unknown subsurface utilities. The client avoided serious damages that could cost downtime and repairs.

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