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Concrete Analysis To Determine Depth of Structural Steel - Port Canaveral, FL

In the world of construction safety is a big key to the success of any project. Safety means ensuring that the environment is as safe as you can provide and ensuring safe practices are followed. When building big facilities to house big equipment engineers are tasked with making sure the structure can withstand the weight and dimensions to meet the demands of the equipment.

A large company based out at Port Canaveral, FL was in the process of moving a new piece of equipment into a facility for maintenance. The equipment was so large and heavy that the engineers were worried that the concrete floors inside the facility may not be able to bare the load to be placed on it. The engineers had drawings indicating the layout of the reinforcing steel (rebar). There were some items that arose that caused them to doubt the accuracy of the plans.

GPRS was contacting directly by the engineers to determine the presence, spacing, consistency and depth of all structural steel in the floor and in a concrete trench running through the area. The GPRS professional arrived on site and made sure to clarify a few items to ensure that the information they were obtaining would meet the demands that the client had. The GPRS professional then went to work scanning the floor, trench and some surrounding areas with a “palm” antenna designed and provided by GSSI. All requested areas were scanned and marked out with blue tape to ensure the work area was free from markings. Measurements were then taken to ensure consistency. A full report was then drafted and provided to the client to relay all information to the engineers and so that they had a record of the findings. The information relayed confirmed what they were looking for and were able to move forward with the maintenance project without incident.

Below, you will see a picture below depicting Nate Schmoe, of GPRS, LLC. scanning the area with the palm antenna and the SIR-3000. If you would like to receive a proposal for similar work please visit the “Contact-Us” page at

GPRS Project – Concrete Analysis, Port Canaveral, FL

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