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GPRS Locates Animal Remains for Contractor - Suffolk, VA

GPRS Locates Animal Remains for Contractor - Suffolk, VA

GPRS was called to help locate a buried horse in Suffolk, Virginia. The contractor was informed that there was a horse buried on the property where new apartment building was going to be built. Upon arrival, GPRS found out that the area that needed to be scanned was approximately 3 acres of land. The contractor had no idea where the horse was buried. The land owner told the contractor that she had someone come out to bury the horse and did not know where it was buried. GPRS started a to do a grid pattern of the area and found multiple things onsite. An old man made septic tank was found onsite that no one knew was there. The contractor dug it up and removed it. About half way into the scanning process GPRS came across an object in the ground at 4’ deep and started to follow it out. After making the marks on the ground and seeing the size of the object it appeared to be the deceased horse. The contractor came over and started to dig the area to determine if this was indeed the deceased horse, and it was the deceased horse. The area was marked at 4’ deep as an area of concern.

GPRS can not only identify underground utilities and locate reinforcing and conduits in concrete but we can also detect voids, Underground Storage Tanks, and buried horses in the ground.

If you need any private or 3rd party utility locating in the Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, or the Hampton Roads area in Virginia, please contact Bryan Housand at 757-335-1789 or at

Concrete Scanning: Locating Post Tension Cables and Depths - Virginia Beach, VA

Locating Post Tension Cables and Depths - Virginia Beach, VA

An apartment maintenance worker out of Virginia Beach, VA called Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to locate the post tension cables in an exercise room. The exercise equipment that needed to be installed had to be anchored into the concrete. The maintenance worker had to get the slab scanned prior to drilling. He needed to know the locations and depths of the cables to avoid hitting and cables and avoid any costly repairs. With the proper training, we were able to distinguish the depths and locations prior to repair, so no damage was done. GPRS was able to mark notable to mark directly on the surface, so tape was used to mark the depths and locations of the post tension cables in real time. The maintenance worker was in a time crunch and we were able to complete the request the within 24 hours of the request.

Safety is becoming a big issue in the construction industry. All of our technicians have completed the OSHA 10 training and are currently involved in an ongoing safety training course. Safety is a priority to us at Ground Penetrating Radar Systems and our track record proves it. GPR is a great tool to locate post tension cables and rebar. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Virginia Beach, VA. scans for tension cables multiple times a week. If you need any post tension, rebar or conduit mapping in the Virginia Beach, VA., Norfolk, VA, Chesapeake, VA, Hampton, VA, Newport News, VA, Williamsburg, VA area please contact Bryan Housand at 757-335-1789 or at

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