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Locating Power and Communication Lines - Central Florida

Private Utility Lines Located Prior to Communications Tower Upgrade - Central Florida

We at GPRS were recently called out to a communications tower in Central Florida. Our customer was planning to perform various updates to the tower, but first needed to establish the location of the known power and communications lines that fed the tower, which would they would need to isolate during the project phase. Also, any unknown utilities in the immediate vicinity needed to be found to ensure that no services would be unexpectedly interrupted. In order to gather this important data, we were called.

The two known utilities were investigated first. Using an RD-8100 Radiodetection unit, underground power was quickly found leading from the communications tower fence. The RD allows us to pinpoint the path of both subsurface power signals and radio waves. Having found the signal by the fence, it was then followed through a berm, across a field, and behind a church, before ending at a power pole in the right-of-way of a street nearly 200 yards from the tower. Back at the tower, a communications vault in the ground was an ideal spot to induce a tone on the communications line. As well as picking up signals from ambient sources, the RD can also trace specific tones in situations where we are able to induce such a tone directly on to the utility. The afore-mentioned vault offered just such an opportunity. Once we isolated a signal on the communications line it was more easily traced. It followed a path that paralleled the power line toward the nearest road. These lines were painted and flagged for our customer’s convenience. After this, general scans were performed around the perimeter of the tower. The RD was again used for this, as well as a 350MHz radar, to find any other potential subsurface anomalies that might come into play. None were found.

With this information in hand, our customer was able to plan the project with an accurate knowledge of all nearby underground utilities. We at GPRS pride ourselves in providing subsurface solutions that allow our customers to safely and efficiently carry out their work. Continuous training, along with the latest technology, ensures that the data we provide remains second to none.

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