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Realm of the Unknown

In the GPR field, we live in the realm of the unknown. Often times when using GPR, there are some good indicators or patterns of what an anomaly on the screen of the GPR might be. But we can never be 100% sure of what something is unless further investigative measures are taken by the client.

With the ‘realm of the unknown’ in mind, GPRS takes on every project with great attention and care. We exist to keep everyone safe, projects on time, and to keep costs to a minimum.

The particular site we were scanning on in the picture above was an old industrial plant on the south side of Chicago. It has long since been demolished and the property has been vacant for quite some time. While excavating at this site, the contractor found an underground storage tank (UST) and an underground cistern. After finding these two items, they decided to call GPRS.

GPRS was able to locate several other anomalies that turned out to be other UST’s, metal piping, and buried foundations. GPRS also was able to take GPS points of these anomalies and overlay the findings on to Google Earth.

“Time is a primary currency traded on any given construction project. At Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, our everyday efficiency in operations allows us to respond to the immediate needs of our customers, often within 24 hours or less.” (

Scan before you plan! This ensures worker safety and saves valuable time by targeting specific areas of concern. GPRS can also provide GPS reports overlaid on Google Earth or overlay information on pre-existing CAD files for future building plans. This is all done in a safe, time efficient, non-destructive manner.

GPRS assists by giving a real-time depth view of subsurface hazards such as reinforcing, utilities, conduit, underground storage tanks, voids, etc. This reduces the likelihood of subsurface obstruction strikes during core drilling, saw cutting, trenching, soil boring, directional drilling, anchoring, and other sub-surface applications.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems uses the GSSI (Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.) Sir-4000 technology in locating. GPRS also uses the RD-8100 Locator to locate live power and radio frequency (RF) signals underground. We can also detect utilities in or under concrete via induction or conduction with an exposed or known surface utility line.

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